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The truth existing unseen
Never replication but something emerging eventually

Masaya’s innate synesthesia, in which he can perceive colors in words or sounds, is the basis for his art. He has recognized this since he was little. What is painting? His first attempt to figure out this biggest mystery was through the reconstruction of music. The boy who dealt with embodying music when he painted from the sounds of a musician and what he sensed from them has expanded the range of his art. Masaya has not rendered reconstruction recently but reveals what stimulates others by only existing and its “existence” is the theme he has long been investigating.

Masaya uses “Japanese painting” in his expression. The work Masaya has given birth to may look distinctively different from traditional “Japanese painting”. The term “Japanese painting”, however, was systematically named after western arts had been imported in the beginning of the Meiji era. Thus, it does not identify a style of painting. Although he does not seek typical designs of “Japanese painting”, he pursues “Universal beauty” from Japanese ink from ancient times, natural mineral made from pulverized rock and shells, dyes extracted from insects, Japanese paper “washi” and silk.

“Taking advantage of Japanese painting material which I consider the most beautiful, I would like to paint in the modern society filled with contemporary expressive styles such as computer graphics,” Masaya says. “Japanese painting material is so primitive that it bears universal beauty. I experiment, using new techniques with archaic Japanese painting material and forefront sense in order to expand the possibilities of painting expressions.”